Hello there, and welcome to my home on the internet. My name is Primrose, and you may use either the she/her or they/them pronouns to refer to me, as I do not mind either.

I have an interest in anything to do with computers, minus programming. I hate programming, and I am more of a sysadmin girly if anything. I also have an interest in computer networks, and maintain a nice network setup at home with enterprise grade network equipment, which is a lot of fun.

I love Unix and Unix-like systems, such as Linux and the BSDs. I use Linux as my main operating system of choice on machines that I personally use, and have stuck with the Arch Linux distribution for quite some time.

I also find social issues to be quite interesting as well, and find having conversations with people from different perspectives to be quite enlightening.

If you have any inquires about my website, or want to get in contact with me for another reason, feel free to send an email to my inbox at primrose[at]primrose[dot]cafe.